Best Uses For CBD - How Should I Take CBD?

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With all of the various forms of CBD on the market, it has become rather difficult trying to discern which route to take to optimize your CBD experience. 

While it is less important how you take your CBD than it is which type of CBD it is you take. You want to be confident in the product you are spending your money on.  

The Two Types - 

Water Soluble CBD and Oil Soluble CBD.

Most of the products on the market are oil soluble CBD, this is because it is an easier process and typically mixed with a carrier oil such as MCT or sunflower oil. The problem with oil soluble CBD is that your body has an extemely difficult time breaking it down and absorbing it. 

Water soluble CBD, on the other hand, is very easy for your body to absorb and get the desired effects out of. The process of breaking CBD down so that it is able to be absorbed easily is through a process called Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System [SEDDS]. 

So How Should I Take It?

Our most popular ways people take CBD is by adding it to their daily coffees, smoothies, teas and water. It is important to note that in order to use these methods, your CBD must be Water Soluble. 

CBD for coffee - for an easy CBD coffee recipe, watch the video below! 


Adding water soluble CBD to any water based drink is easy; just add your desired amount and drink away! 

 Why Water Soluble CBD is Better

1) Bioavailability

Water Soluble CBD is better absorbed by the body when swallowed. When swallowed, CBD in oil form only has 10-20% bioavailability. That means if you take a 20mg dose, you might only be absorbing 2-4mg of actual CBD. In order to consume CBD oil properly, you have to hold it under your tongue, absorbing it sublingually.

Luckily, this problem of absorption when swallowed (oral bioavailability) is relatively common in drug delivery science. Lot's of drug compounds are naturally oil-soluble. Techniques have been developed to convert these from an oil into a format that is better absorbed in the body and easier to administer.

Using these special techniques to convert the CBD from being oil-soluble to water-soluble means that you can just swallow the CBD and your body will absorb more of it, increasing the desired effects.

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2) Versatility

CBD oil can only mix in with other oils. That's what oil-soluble means. But most of what's out there that you'd want to incorporate CBD into is not an oil. Coffee, tea, water, juice, smoothies, dog food - all of that is going into the stomach and therefore requires a form of CBD that can be effectively absorbed in the stomach.

If you've ever tried to mix CBD oil into a cup of tea, or a cocktail, you quickly find out that it doesn't work. The oil floats to the top and sticks to the sides, it tastes terrible, and then after going through all the trouble to swallow it down you only absorb a fraction of the actual dose you're expecting. Please don't be that person.

3) Potency

Because CBD is more more bioavailable when swallowed than oil, it means you can take less and absorb more - it's more potent. For example, if you swallowed a 10mg CBD oil-filled capsule you might only be absorbing 1-2mg of CBD - but if you swallowed a 10mg dose of a water soluble CBD-filled capsule you will be absorbing 9-10mg!

This is particularly important to understand when choosing the right product. So many companies out there sell cheap oil-based products at a premium just because they have high mg dosage and some shiny branding. Let's be real, CBD products can be expensive and you deserve to get the most potent product that will work the best for you.

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4) More User Friendly

If you walk into the health department of any store and you'll see that it's dominated by pills and powders. There might be a bit of shelf space dedicated to oil-based herbal tinctures, but people clearly prefer to consume their superfoods and supplements in pill or powder form. It's just so much easier.

Most people out there, probably you included, would rather not hold an oil-based tincture under their tongue. It can be pretty gross tasting and isn't very uncomfortable. Alternatively, a water soluble CBD capsule effortlessly fits into anyones existing vitamin or supplement routine. Or in powder form, you can easily infuse any of your favorite drinks and foods that you already love to consume, at whatever dose you need at that time.

At the end of the day it's all about getting high quality CBD to more people so that they can feel better and live a better life. We're all burdened with something 'off' from time to time, whether it's feeling overwhelmed with the state of the world, muscle soreness after a workout or aching joints from a long life well lived.

Using the the right quality products is key to supporting your self and your loved ones, and water soluble CBD products are more effective and easier to use than CBD oil products.

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If you want to learn more, you can check out our videos and other blogs.

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