How CBD Changed My Daily Routine - Review

Posted by Jeremy Shutts on

"For the majority of my life, each day had a few elements that remained the same. Wake up, then coffee, then proceed to whatever the day had in store. 

The problem with my routine was that around 1pm, the inevitable crash would start looming. As I am sure many are aware, coffee leaves us with many unwanted side effects such as hot sweats, unsustained energy that is then followed a crash. 

This was an everyday issue until I found water soluble CBD. 

While I must admit, I had tried other types of CBD, I hadn't found the same relief that this had. What I later found out was that by making CBD water soluble through a process called nano-emulsification, your body's absorption rate skyrockets.

So what changed? The CBD seemed to elongate the caffeine while reducing the after effects in the crash. Along with that, I maintained normal body temperature throughout the day, not finding myself with sweaty armpits at the desk. 

I can confidently say that water soluble CBD has become just as important in my life as coffee is."


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