Experience the difference with Water Soluble CBD.

CBD coffee, tea, smoothies... anything you like. Simply and effectively add our CBD into your daily routine with our Barista Blend powder and Daily Dose capsules.

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All health. No high.


All our products are formulated to be as clean and pure as possible. The ingredients we use are organically grown or non-GMO, and we never use harmful emulsifiers or solvents. We keep it real.


We believe in supplying you with the CBD ingredient you need for a 'choose your own adventure' approach, so we don't add any unnecessary ingredients or flavors to our products.


Our CBD powder is converted from oil to a highly bioavailable, water-soluble powder that easily mixes into your favorite drinks - providing up to 10x better absorption in the stomach than CBD oil.

The Barista Blend

The Barista Blend is our water-soluble CBD powder, plain and simple with no added flavors or unnecessary ingredients. It's designed to infuse into any drink - coffee, tea, smoothies, juices, cocktails... you name it. It comes in three convenient size options and each jar contains a 3D printed hemp scooper for easy and accurate dosing.

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The Daily Dose

The Daily Dose is our line of capsules that contain water-soluble CBD powder + native terpenes for maximum efficacy. They're the perfect addition to any supplement routine and come in two different strengths so you can get right dose every time.

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Seeking wholesale partners.

Incoporating CBD into your business is a great way to provide value for your customers, create a positive buzz for your busienss, and increase sales! If you own or work with a business that makes delicious drinks we have the perfect wholesale program for you.

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Sustainability is in our DNA.

We believe business should be a vehicle for positive change in this world. As such, we offset our carbon emissions from shipping, use 3D printed hemp plastic scoopers and donate a portion of sales to a nonprofit focused on regenerative community development.

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