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At UnCanny, it’s our mission to empower people to live healthier, happier lives through the use of plants that regenerate ourselves and the planet.

We pursue this by increasing accessibility to hemp and other healing plants through innovative products and transparent business practices.

As a result, we’ve created wholesome CBD-inspired products that are effective, delicious, and honest. 

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Founded in early 2016 in Boulder, CO, UnCanny Wellness is committed to pushing the hemp-derived CBD industry forward by creating premium, innovative products for everyone to enjoy. We believe that CBD hemp extract is only one piece of the puzzle that is health and wellness and that it shouldn’t be used alone!

UnCanny CBD Powder

The backbone of all our products is a hemp-derived, broad-spectrum, water-soluble CBD powder. This unique extract formulation has many benefits over traditional oil-based extracts. Here’s a breakdown to further explain this CBD.

  • Hemp Derived: Our CBD powder is derived from legally grown hemp, which means that the plants it was extracted from contained 0.3%THC or less. This is very important because the source of CBD extract is directly correlated to the legality of the product.
  • Broad Spectrum: Our CBD powder is a broad-spectrum extract, which means that it contains many of the other phytoconstituents naturally present in hemp extracts, such as terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols. The opposite of a ‘full-spectrum’ extract is called an ‘isolate’ which, as it sounds, has isolated the CBD molecule and refined it to ~99.9% purity. Full-spectrum extracts are superior to isolate extracts because of a phenomenon known as The Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect states that when the various constituents of the extract stay together, they have a synergistic relationship that amplifies the positive effect compared to each component separated from one another.
  • Water Soluble: Normally, oil-based CBD extract has very poor absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. That means if you take CBD in oil form and swallow it into your stomach you’ll only be absorbing 20% or less of the expected dose. We convert our CBD oil to a water-soluble powder, which vastly improves absorption in the stomach. When consuming any of our UnCanny products, you’re absorbing roughly 90-100% of the expected dose! Going beyond increased bioavailability, having a water-soluble powder allows us to make more innovative products that go beyond the limited options of oil-based products.

Check out the FAQ section below to learn more about the oil-soluble to water-soluble conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can CBD oil become water-soluble?

  • We use a technique well-known in drug-delivery science that was created specifically for converting fat-soluble extracts into a water-soluble form. The oil is microencapsulated and becomes a hydrocolloid, overcoming the first pass effect that causes low (10-20%) bioavailability of oil-based extracts in the digestive tract. Feel free to contact us if you want to get deeper into it.

I live in _______. Can I get this delivered?

  • We ship our products to all corners of the USA. We do not ship internationally at this time.

Will this make me feel stoned?

  • Nope. Our products don’t contain any of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC.

Where is the hemp from and how is it extracted?

  • Our hemp is from an organic farm in The Netherlands (we will be switching to a domestic supply by the end of 2018). It's extracted using supercritical CO2, and then undergoes two other steps in order to 1. remove THC and 2. convert the oil to a water soluble powder.
How much should I take?
  • There’s no black and white answer to that question. Everyone’s internal chemistry is different and people take our products for a large number of reasons. As with most things, it’s best to start with smaller amounts to see how you react, increasing the dose as time goes on until you find what works best for you.

Can I take too much?

  • Not really. You might experience different effects at different quantities, but there’s no point in reasonable use at which it becomes toxic or dangerous.

Are your products tested?

  • Of course. Everything we use is tested by a third-party lab. If you’d like to see a copy, please contact us.

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