Where Does CBD Come From? Explained

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Have you ever wondered where exactly CBD comes from? Let me break it down for you. 

While the history of CBD dates back much further, the main discovery of it was in 1942, when a chemist named Roger Adams was able to isolate the first Cannabidiol (CBD).  

But where does it come from? Two places

Hemp-derived CBD is sourced from industrial hemp plants, which are grown primarily for their fiber and seeds. Hemp plants tend to differ from marijuana plants in appearance; they are often skinny and scarce in foliage. Hemp is also differentiated from marijuana by its levels of the psychoactive ingredient, THC. Under U.S. law a hemp plant must contain no more than 0.3% THC. 

Marijuana-derived CBD is extracted from marijuana plants that have thick, lush foliage and flowers that are generally grown and consumed for their intoxicating properties. The U.S. government defines marijuana plants as those which contain more than 0.3% THC. While most marijuana plants contain THC as the predominant cannabinoid, there are several strains of marijuana that are rich in CBD.

That being said, whether CBD is extracted from hemp or marijuana, it remains identical on a molecular level. 

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