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I love this stuff! Calmed my eczema. I have had eczema for at least 17 years. Not really bad, but there was always one patch somewhere. It would go away after a few years only to be replaced by another one. It seemed like whatever the cause, it had to have SOME place to break out. I have been using the powder from Uncanny Wellness (as well as a THC/CBD salve from elsewhere) for probably a year or so now. For the first time in the 17 years I've had it, I don't have a breakout of eczema! I stopped having them a few months ago. I didn't take the powder for about 2 weeks, and the patch of my most recent breakout started becoming irritated and itchy again (I was still using the salve, so that's not it). I am convinced that it's the CBD powder that has calmed my eczema to the point that I'm not breaking out. I'm using it again, and the itching has gone away. Not to mention the decrease in general anxiety, which is also wonderful, but it seems to help so many other things. - Debbi B.


This Is Better. I have both the barista blend and the individual powder packets. The packets are convenient for travel. Uncanny's products work better than the last product I tried. And I need less of your product than that other one. I just mix it in my hot tea each morning. - Cindy


Far superior product to oils! I found Barista Blend serendipitously when searching for an airplane-friendly CBD formulation. The prompt personalized service is a great plus! Upon request, I was immediately provided with the datasheet. No need; I wasn't stopped. There is NO hemp scent. It's simple to use and doesn't have much of a taste, unlike the oils I've tried. This powder absorbs easily in my morning coffee and evening tea so I never forget to take it. Barista Blend helps from the inside, out. My conditions respond better to this than the traditional treatments but sans any side effects. The powder is super-portable without the worry of smelly, oily messes or broken glass. To me, it seems much more effective than the other brands and products I've tried. It's just better; period. - C.O.


This is the ONE. Full disclosure, I love CBD. I love it. I love the distance it puts between me and anxious thoughts, I love how it helps me sleep, I love how it cures my headaches. I've had the tinctures, the gummies, the flower, the seltzers... but THIS is the one. You can put it in your coffee and get the lift without the jitters. Put it in your tea at night for a more restful night. I've converted my twin brother, who used to swear that flower was the best. I do believe that this is the most efficient, effective, enjoyable, and discreet way to do CBD. AND it encourages me to stay hydrated. I struggle to drink enough water throughout the day but if I mix a dose of this in a 20 oz bottle, you know I'm not letting it go to waste. Just get it. - Caroline F.


Life Changer. I never write reviews for things but for this I had to make an exception. I have had consistent anxiety my whole life especially from school and work. I have tried other things to manage it in the past but nothing ever relieved my anxiety. Randomly I received the CBD barista blend from a friend from Denver as a gift. I have always believed in the benefits of marijuana; however, I never really experienced it for myself. After drinking a cup of coffee with the barista blend in it, I experienced something I never really thought was possible. It actually felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders in regard to my anxiety. The best way I can describe it is: "You know how when you're stressed out and you finally cry and get all your emotions out and you take a breath and it feels like the worst has passed? It feels like that feeling but you get to completely detour from the mental breakdown, and just experience the relief." It has genuinely changed my life. I know it sounds sappy. Since it's helped me so much, I want people to know it's really worth the money especially if you have anxiety. It does not make you feel any unwanted "high THC effects". Everyone I recommend it to remains a little skeptical, then they try it and every time they say, "It sounded to good to be true but it really does work". - Sabrina 



My favorite product on the market! I suffer from severe chronic Lyme disease and a myriad of issues that come with them such as panic attacks, insomnia, muscle aches, migraines etc. I take these capsules daily and have noticed a SIGNIFICANT reduction in all of my symptoms. These are the best formulated products on the market and I won't purchase any others. I have family members with health issues and even though they were skeptics, they are all hooked as well! - Marissa


Amazing!!! I recently bought the powder and capsules as part of my self care routine during the shelter in place. It helped a lot with my mental health as well as sleep. My boyfriend tried it and is now on board with my plan to always have some on stock. We start our wknd morning with the powder blended in our coffee and end our week night with a capsule before bed time. This stuff is amazing and works fast. - Kaprice

Made a HUGE Difference :) "I've never seen someone do so well during chemo!" I kept hearing that over and over during my treatment. I had started taking Daily Dose prior to starting, and felt surprisingly well during my 5 rounds of treatment. I noticed a big shift in how I was feeling when I ran out and was without for a few weeks. I was thankful (and felt a lot better) when my next batch arrived. Long past my treatments, I'm now a VERY satisfied monthly subscriber! - Gina W.