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Our CBD Powder

The backbone of all our products is a hemp-derived, broad-spectrum, water-soluble CBD powder. This unique extract formulation
has many benefits over traditional oil-based extracts. Here’s a breakdown to further explain this CBD.


Our CBD powder is derived from legally grown hemp, which means that the plants it was extracted from contained 0.3%THC or less. This is very important because the source of CBD extract is directly correlated to the legality of the product.


Our CBD powder is a broad-spectrum extract, which means that it contains many of the other phytoconstituents naturally present in hemp extracts, such as terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols. The opposite of a ‘full-spectrum’ extract is called an ‘isolate’ which, as it sounds, has isolated the CBD molecule and refined it to ~99.9% purity. Full-spectrum extracts are superior to isolate extracts because of a phenomenon known as The Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect states that when the various constituents of the extract stay together, they have a synergistic relationship that amplifies the positive effect compared to each component separated from one another.


Normally, oil-based CBD extract has very poor absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. That means if you take CBD in oil form and swallow it into your stomach you’ll only be absorbing 20% or less of the expected dose. We convert our CBD oil to a water-soluble powder, which vastly improves absorption in the stomach. When consuming any of our UnCanny products, you’re absorbing roughly 90-100% of the expected dose! Going beyond increased bioavailability, having a water-soluble powder allows us to make more innovative products that go beyond the limited options of oil-based products.
Check out the FAQ section below to learn more about the oil-soluble to water-soluble conversion process.

Our Company

At UnCanny, it’s our mission to empower people to live healthier, happier lives through the use of plants that regenerate ourselves
and the planet.

We pursue this by increasing accessibility to hemp and other healing plants through innovative products and transparent business practices.

As a result, we’ve created wholesome CBD-inspired products that are effective, delicious, and honest.

Founded in early 2016 in Boulder, CO, UnCanny Wellness is committed to pushing the hemp-derived CBD industry forward by creating premium, innovative products for everyone to enjoy. We believe that CBD hemp extract is only one piece of the puzzle that is health and wellness and that it shouldn’t be used alone!

Our Team

Alex Corren

CEO & Founder

Background: ecological design and water resources

Passion: building a better world

Alex Osborne

Master of Coin

Background: investment finance and Chinese

Passion: shredding deep powder

Beyond Sustainble

Doing what we can to move beyond sustainability to regeneration.


At UnCanny Wellness, we firmly believe in the triple bottom line - that people, planet, and profits all hold the same weight and that the three should always be in balance.
That's why we decided to partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization based out of Vermont that works with companies like us to help make this mission possible.

The first tree-planting project that we're supporting is in Colorado, our home base.

Colorado has 24.4 million acres of forests which provide huge social, economic and ecological benefits. Forests support a sustainable wood products industry, diverse wildlife, fresh water, and ample recreation opportunities. But these precious forests face serious threats, including insect infestations, long-term drought, and forest fires. Unhealthy forests set the stage for exceptionally large, devastating wildfires that significantly increase risks of dangerous flooding, extreme erosion, degraded water quality, and reduced water storage capacity.

Why plant trees? Trees are powerhouses that serve several key ecosystem functions. They sequester excess carbon from the atmosphere and release oxygen, improving air quality throughout their entire lifecycle. They also provide important shade to the ground, allowing for other species of plants to grow and keep soil temperatures stable and healthy. Their roots reach deep and aerate the soil, improving groud-water retention and support healthy watersheds. Trees also provided niche habitats for many species of insects, birds, small mammals, and more.