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CBD and Coffee are a match made in heaven. It’s a morning beverage loved (sometimes to the point of addiction) by so many all over the world. That lovely bean juice fires up your brains, activates your bowels, and launches you into the day.

But that energy boost often comes with some undesirable side effects. The jittery, edgy sensation caused by caffeine is something that any regular coffee drinker has experienced at one point or another.

Drinking coffee triggers the ‘fight or flight’ response in your body. It’s what picks you up and gets you going, but also boosts your adrenaline. It’s the increase in adrenaline that produces the side effects of coffee you don’t want.

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Luckily, CBD is the perfect compliment to those chemical reactions happening in your body. CBD interacts with many different systems in your body, including the nervous system. It’s used by many for its relaxing, anxiousness-reducing properties.

The relaxing, stress-relieving effects of CBD are exactly why it’s great to consume with coffee. When the two are combined, you still have the heightened energy and focus from the caffeine, but the CBD suppresses the production of adrenaline to a healthy level.

A common misconception is that they simply ‘cancel each other out’ because CBD is calming and caffeine fires you up. But in fact, the opposite is true! They work together synergistically to create a more balanced cup and overall enjoyable experience.

Also, adding CBD into your coffee is a great way to slip something beneficial for you into your daily ritual!

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There’s really one big consideration to keep in mind when making CBD coffee to ensure that you’re doing it right. Making this common mistake will certainly lead to a bad experience. You won’t end up enjoying your coffee and you won’t get the desired effects you’re looking for. So, please, keep this in mind - don’t use CBD Oil!

CBD is naturally and most commonly found in oil form, but there are a couple big problems you’ll encounter when trying to make CBD coffee with oil.

  1. Mixability: Trying to incorporate CBD oil into your coffee will result in failure. It will float to the top and stick to the side of the mug. Even if you blend it up, give it a few minutes and that oil is sure to separate out from the rest of the mix and re-form into unpleasant globs of oil that are no fun to swallow.
  2. Bioavailability: Even if you do manage to swallow the oil, you will only be absorbing a fraction of the desired dose! There’s a good reason that the instructions on every tincture bottle tell you to hold it under your tongue in order to properly absorb the dose. That’s because when swallowed, CBD oil is only 10%-20% bioavailable! That means if you take a 20mg dose of CBD, you’ll only be absorbing 2-4mg of CBD into your body.

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Once you have the right form of CBD, making CBD coffee is really quite simple. We at UnCanny Wellness specialize in Water Soluble CBD that’s designed to go into any drink, including coffee. We convert the CBD oil into a format that solves both of the problems mentioned above.

Using our Water Soluble CBD Powder gives you the ease of use and efficacy that you’re looking for when making CBD coffee. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Add some of our Water Soluble CBD to your empty cup. This step allows you to measure out the perfect dose and have it ready-to-go for the following steps. Also, it’s always easier to put the CBD powder in first and to pour the drink on top instead of the other way around.
  2. Brew some coffee using your favorite technique. Make an espresso, americano, latte, or pour-over. It doesn’t matter. Unlike other CBD coffee products out there, you can use our CBD Powder with any brewing method.
  3. Pour the drink right on top of the CBD in your cup. Doing so helps to mix the powder into the beverage. It also prevents you from battling against the pesky surface-tension that inevitably occurs when you try to put the powder on top of a liquid.
  4. Give it a stir and enjoy!

The above steps are true for any hot drink, not just coffee. If you want to infuse CBD into a cold drink, you can follow the same steps and just mix it up a bit more.

Using a Water Soluble CBD Powder to make CBD Coffee is definitely the easiest, most versatile, and most effective way to go. You can choose the exact dose you want, use your favorite brewing technique, and ultimately fine-tune your experience so that you get the perfect cup, every time!

Try out our Barista Blend Water Soluble CBD Powder and start making CBD Coffee the right way!

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