Why People Are Switching To Water Soluble CBD

Posted by Jeremy Shutts on

As more and more information has been coming out regarding the science behind CBD and wellness, people are beginning to make the switch to water soluble CBD.

This is happening due to two main reasons; bioavailability and usability.  

With traditional CBD oils, almost 90% of the dose you consumed is passed through your body before being absorbed into your gastrointestinal tract, making the effect significantly lower than if you had taken the same dose but of water soluble CBD. 

This is because water soluble CBD is broken down to the nanoparticle level and is bonded with elements to make it more digestible and thus carries more bioavailability. 

The second main reason is usability. Water soluble CBD is much more practical for everyday life as we are constantly drinking and consuming water based food and drinks. 

 Our CBD products at UnCanny Wellness are all water soluble so you can focus more on your day and less on how to mix your CBD. 


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