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The Inside Scoop on UnCanny Wellness

We are all about empowering people to live healthier, happier lives. At UnCanny Wellness, we transform our lives for the better by using plants to regenerate our livelihood and our planet. We have developed water-soluble, broad-spectrum CBD powder from organically grown hemp plants to give your body the boost it needs to thrive, and are committed to cultivate eco-friendly business practices to ensure our planet is treated with kindness. Read on to learn a little more about why we do what we do.

The Beginnings 

Our founder Alex Corren kicked things off in 2016 with a love for hemp and an exciting idea for a new spin on CBD. A background in environmental science and sustainable food production paired with a passion for health and wellness set Alex up with a unique insight that enabled him to think outside the box. This fresh perspective led him to dream up the plan for UnCanny Wellness and produce easy-to-consume, water-soluble CBD products. 

Why Powder? 

UnCanny Wellness is redefining the CBD space with powerful and efficient products and has pioneered a relatively new spin on CBD: a powder that’s made to dissolve in liquids and be easily absorbed in the stomach. In general, only around 10-20% of CBD oil is actually absorbed upon oral consumption compared to 90-100% absorption when delivered in this unique powder format. For those looking to incorporate CBD into their health regime, we wanted to ensure the most effective method of delivery. A tasteless and soluble formula means you can add CBD to any drink you consume, hot or cold, and easily incorporate CBD into your routine with a pill, skipping the mess of low-absorption oils. 


Our Health Goals 

We are invested in seeing people become and stay healthy and happy. We think living your best life is easy with the right support, which is why our goal is to ensure our products help you thrive. Research suggests that CBD is a remedial product and helps to ease symptoms of a wide spectrum of health issues, like anxiety, muscle pain, or insomnia. But it also acts as a preventative tool to keep you at the top of your game and sustain a healthy lifestyle that will keep you in good form for years to come. 

Environmental Responsibility

We think that it’s possible to produce something that isn’t just good for our bodies but good for the environment too. We love hemp for its bioremediation qualities. It has been known to pull up toxic waste from unhealthy soil, and it takes less water than traditional crops and does best without pesticides or fertilizer. We also have partnered with One Tree Planted, an amazing non-profit that means for every product purchased at UnCanny Wellness, a tree is planted in Colorado. And we use 3D printed hemp plastic scoops in every jar of Barista Blend so we can reduce our reliance on petroleum-based plastic products and make sure we don’t contribute more to landfills than we have to. We believe it’s our duty to cultivate business practices which replenish the planet, not take away from it. 

We believe our journey to wellness and to healing the environment are one and the same. Learn more about who we are here and take a peek at our CBD products here

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